Our vision

Our vision:

Preaching the Gospel
God gathered us together for one purpose – preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also put missions on our hearts. 'Word of Life' Christian Outreach Missions is a ministry created for that purpose. Mark 16:15-18
We consider evangelism to be the highest goal of our church. Every ministry should contribute to fulfilling the main mission of the church.

We want to achieve this through:
- one-on-one evangelism
- various outreaches
- working with specific groups of people like students, youth, addicts
- music ministry
- mass communication media available to us (Internet)
- missions (outreaches in other towns, helping local churches, - planting new churches, sending missionaries)

Prayer and following God

Fulfilling God's purposes is fundamental to us. Following the Lord is also our greatest desire. This is why we put aside our own ideas and projects no matter how ambitious they might be and we have devoted ourselves to prayer and seeking God's guidance.
It is our desire to follow the Lord and be a part of His plans doing His will. We strive to make God, His Word and faith the foundation of everything we do.

The means of fulfilling this goal:
- obedience to God's Word
- intimate fellowship with God
- receving God's strategies and ideas during prayer time
- corporate prayer meetings (creating prayer teams and being a part of 24/7 prayer project)
- praying with other churches in Bialystok for a revival to take place.

The Church
It is our goal to make the church into a birthplace of many ministries, callings. We want to see people grow in the knowledge of God and become equipped for His service. We desire our church to be an inseparable part of the Body of Christ through which God may reveal His Name and His Glory to others.
The church is all about people used by God for mutual edification and service. We pursue to be approved by God in everything we do and bring Him pleasure.

The means of fulfilling this goal:
- preaching of the Word (sound teaching is fundamental to every church and believer, we - want to establish a firm foundation in people's lives so that strong homes can be built upon it)
- equipping believers for the Lord's service
- inviting other ministries to our church
- making it possible for people to develop their gifting and calling in our church
- cooperation with various churches in our city and across Poland
- we want the church to be God's family where people can enjoy healthy relationships and be in touch with other believers